Welcome to RAHAC

Our Mission: To create local healthcare services, facilities and infrastructure to rural Africans who have little or no access to healthcare.

Our Agenda:  Provide healthcare support… We have no hidden agendas, no religious or political motives, just care and concern for others.

Our Story:  Our Founder, Alioune (Ali) Thiam is a native Senegalese from the Kaolack region located in the center west of the country.  After high school, Ali went to Canada to pursue his studies in Information Technologies, a new and promising field in the early 90'. Ali became very successful in his new career and was eventually transferred to the US where he was able to secure contracting work with the CDC. 

Ali ThiamAli has always kept close contact with friends and family in Senegal and his native Kaolack. During one of his travels to Senegal, he visited the Kossi village, located 10 km away from Kaolack.  He noticed that the village and surrounding villages do not have any healthcare facilities.   People were dying from snake bites, infections from cuts, and complications from diseases and illnesses that were controllable if they only had basic local healthcare.  Ali decided to help. He spoke to doctors and healthcare professionals in Senegal and was told: “if you build it, they will come”.  Basically, if he would build a clinic in a village and donate it to the Ministry of Health, the Government will staff it and provide some equipment and supplies. Ali could still provide equipment and other support services to continue to support the clinics.  Based on this principle (Build, Donate, Support), Ali began saving money to start his first project and in October 2013, the first clinic was opened. 

With urging and support from friends the “Rural African Health Accessibility Consortium” (RAHAC) was formed with the goal to seek out support from individuals and granting organizations to expand the program to build many more clinics throughout Africa.    RAHAC has secured an agreement with the Laboratory of Bacteriology and Virology, Hopital Aristide Le Dantec, BP 7325, Dakar, Senegal to provide laboratory services in Senegal.  This stellar lab is lead by the renown Pr. Souleymane Mboup.

Distribution of supplies and clothing articles